New Format Spotlight: 22-23 Wire Daily Planner

The 22-23 Planner Collection is officially here, and with it two fresh new formats—the Wire Daily Planner and Studio Wall Calendar. Today we’re giving you a guided tour of our first-ever wire-bound daily format, plus a behind the scenes look at what it takes to bring a new product to life.


Inspiration, Design, & Production

Daily, weekly, monthly—whatever your preference we have a planner to fit your needs. Our hardcover casebound Daily Planners have become fan-favorites over the years for their intuitive format (hourly schedule plus to-do list) and elegant craftsmanship. In preparation for the 22-23 collection, we decided it was time to dive into the question customers have been asking for a while: would we ever make a wire-bound version of the Daily Planner?

Enter the product development and creative team. Our end goal is always to create a product that balances utility and function with simplicity and beauty. With this in mind we tested many different wire-o sizes to ensure the planner would function properly despite its length (a page for each day makes this planner our longest at 358 pages!). After many prototypes, we landed on the finished product—a wider-set wire-o than you’ll see on our other planners that still retains its durability and elegance.

Two new 22-23 Wire Daily Planners sit on top of a light beige background. One is closed showing the textured Charcoal Gray bookcloth, and one lies open displaying the hourly daily format with room for notes

"This larger-sized wire is supplied in a different pitch ratio and punch size than our standard binding which required new equipment and adjusted process to produce. Once we worked through the binding kinks, we had to determine the most ideal cover-to-interior size ratio—a challenge we consider in every planner design."
Alex, Product Designer


The Details

  • Bookcloth Cover: Our signature mid-weight cover is a durable, textured cotton-blend with a water-resistant finish to safeguard your plans through the year ahead. Available in two classic Appointed hues that go with everything—Chambray Blue and Charcoal Gray.

  • Brass Wire-o: Look familiar? The Wire Daily Planner features the same layout you know and love—now with a brass wire-o binding for greater flexibility. Flip the durable bookcloth cover back so your planner takes up less space on your desktop or to get a focused look at the day ahead.

  • Daily Scheduling: An entire page for each day lets you deep dive into your plans—whether scheduling back-to-back meetings or noting breaks throughout the day. Plus, a dedicated to-do list in each day keeps tasks tidy and organized.

  • Room for Notes & More: Make room for sketching out your next great idea or recording everyday memories with a flexible dot grid section on every page. A month spread with key holidays, year overview, and conversion chart provides big-picture planning.

  • Premium Paper: It’s all about the paper, and ours is premium quality, responsibly manufactured, and selected for the smoothest writing performance and minimal bleed-through.

 Three unique details of the 22-23 Wire Daily Planner are displayed in a three part image including its daily hourly spread with interior shot, swatches of our bookcloth covers, and close up of the wide-set durable brass wire-o binding.


If you’re the type of person who likes to organize down to the hour or begins each day with a to-do list, this format might be the perfect fit for you. Still undecided? Take our less-than-five-minute Planner Quiz and we’ll pair you with your perfect fit. Happy planning!

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