Noteworthy Interview Series: Shira Gill, Author & Organizing Expert

How do the most successful people organize their workdays and stay motivated? With the Noteworthy Interview series, we explore the day-in and day-out of inspiring founders, creators, and more. This month's guest is...Shira Gill

Shira Gill is a home organizing expert, coach, and author with a less-is-more philosophy. If you’re looking to clarify your deepest values, priorities, or goals, she’ll help you strip away the clutter and distractions that stand in your way.


Walk us through a typical work day.

There is no “typical” workday which is probably why I still love my career after 13 years. I’m either writing (currently wrapping up my next book Organized Living), teaching, leading a workshop, coaching, planning a retreat, or working with clients 1:1 in their homes. I also travel a lot for both business and pleasure.


Tell us about your morning routine.

I’m an early riser and take a solo walk in my neighborhood each morning for about 45-minutes before gulping down a huge glass of water and diving into my work day. I’m the most productive and efficient in the morning so typically knock out the most important tasks before 12pm.



What does work-life balance mean to you, and how do you put it into practice? 

I’d be lying if I said I had the secret to life-work balance, especially because there is so much gray area between my life and career. I do set a few boundaries that have proven to be helpful including “checking my tech” just before family dinner each night and never sleeping with my phone or computer in the bedroom. I also do my best to unplug during the weekends but I can feel my husband and kids rolling their eyes at me as I write this.


How do you keep all of your many tasks and to-dos organized? 

I use a Google calendar to keep my schedule straight and also create a little daily cheat sheet on an index card which includes reminders, to-dos, and tasks I don’t want to forget. Can’t live without a good old fashioned pen and paper for making notes throughout my day.


"Can't live without a good old fashioned pen and paper for making notes throughout my day."


What is inspiring you right now?

I am a bit of a business and self-improvement junkie and currently inspired by the podcast How I Built This as well as How to Live a Happy Life from The Atlantic.


How do you deal with failures or criticism?

One of my mentors said that the only real failure is failing to try. As long as you’re “going for it” you’re either learning or succeeding so I do my best to look at failure through that lens. 


What advice would you give to your younger self just starting your business?

Calm down. It’s going to work out!


Are there any other lessons or words of wisdom that shape how you think about work?

When it comes to my business, I try to apply minimalist principles and a “less but better” philosophy. I aim to do a few things really well, rather than attempt to do everything in a sub-par fashion. Constraining my focus has boosted both my productivity and creativity.


Any upcoming releases you’re excited about?

Yes! My second book, Organized Living, will be out next year with Ten Speed Press / Penguin Random House. The book will feature tips, inspiration, and home tours from home organizing experts across the globe.


Where can people find you?

My website ( hosts my popular lifestyle blog and shares current programs and offerings. Instagram is the best way to connect with me for daily tips, resources, and inspiration @shiragill, and my debut book, Minimalista, breaks down my step-by-step process to edit, organize, and style your home for the life you want.


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