What is Corporate Gifting?

Do you need a custom branded business gift for your next event or ideas for employee thank you gifts? Learn more about the importance of corporate gifting and the gifting options Appointed has to offer!

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate Gifting is the act of sending out a gift from your business to employees, clients, and business partners. Though corporate gifting doesn’t need a special occasion, a few reasons include:

  • Employee appreciation gifts
  • Corporate giveaways
  • Client appreciation gifts
  • Holiday gifts for business clients
  • Team recognition gifts

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

According to a study conducted by Coresight Research, recent times have changed the course of corporate gifting, what used to be just an annual habit has become more of a necessity within businesses, It drove home the most meaningful effect of a corporate gift: making the recipient feel valued and appreciated by the company." This will affect a few important factors within your growing business. 


According to Coresight Research, the number one gifting occasion was to show recognition and appreciation to an employee. Corporate gifting with custom branded gifts is a unique way to show your appreciation to your team and celebrate milestones within the company. With many employees now working from home and separated from the physical company, sending a surprise personalized notebook as a recognition gift allows them to build a more emotional connection with their team. 


Sending a personalized corporate gift to your client has its own set of benefits. Clients who receive a corporate gift will feel honored and valued—they want to know that they are more than merely a source of data within your company. Be sure to research the culture and company gifting etiquette, to ensure the best-fit corporate gift for your client. Sending a custom notebook as a business gift to celebrate your client’s special moments, or as a holiday gift is a great way to get started!

Prospective Customers

A corporate gift doesn’t only have to reach your current employees and clients! Sending a nice gift package with customized promotional products to new prospects is a great way to begin a conversation. According to a study conducted by Instapage, 80% of consumers say that they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

Gifting Appointed

Appointed offers a wide range of customized promotional products at varying price points, including custom notebooks, custom journals, and personalized pencils. In addition to our custom products, we are pleased to offer gift wrapping and drop ship options for one-and-done gifts for your team or organization. To learn more about our custom programs, please visit our Custom & Volume Program page or get in touch with a team member at

For gift ideas, visit our Custom & Volume Collection page here. If you are looking to order a product that is not listed on this page, reach out to and a team member will be happy to help!

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