Planner Spotlight: The Appointed Team Shares Their Planner Picks

Take a stroll through Appointed HQ, and you’ll see one tool on every desk—one of our best-selling planners. We put our own planners to good use for project planning, meeting schedules, and more. Today we’re sharing planner picks from the Appointed team and suggestions for making the most of it. Notice a clear favorite (the Year Task Planner is our bestseller for a reason 😉) and a few new-format highlights. 




Kaitlin, Assistant Manager, E-commerce Marketing


Kaitlin's Pick—Wire Daily Planner

“I never thought I would be the type to schedule down to the hour, but the daily layout is the perfect fit for me—it’s a lifesaver for scheduling meetings and dividing my time between projects at work. I love the daily to-do list and even use the large notes area as a journal to record daily thoughts and inspiring quotes.”




Suann, Founder + CEO


Suann's Pick—Year Task Planner

“I have used the Year Task Planner for 4 consecutive years and it is an integral part of my daily planning and organization. This format allows for just the right amount of space for essential planning each week—an area for key meetings and appointments and sections for priorities, tasks, and notes. I pair this planner with our A5 Journal for note-taking and project planning.”




Hunter, Associate Brand Director


Hunter's Pick—Compact Task Planner

“I haven’t always been an “organized person” per se, but I’ve always been a pen & paper person. So, the task of finding a planner that was conveniently-sized, well-designed, and laid out in a functional enough way to help me organize my days was always a large order—that is, until I found the Compact Task Planner. It is my favorite Appointed size (mirrors the Workbook size!), has ample space on the weekly side to fit all my meetings, campaign deadlines, personal events, etc., and has the ideal layout on the right side for goals, tasks, and note-taking.”




Jackie, Sr. Manager, Direct-To-Consumer


Jackie's Pick—Year Task Planner

“When I find a product that works for me, I become a loyal user and advocate. That’s exactly what happened when I started using our Year Task Planner almost four years ago. I use this planner every day, and often scribble notes on the open left-hand section of each weekly spread. I love the flexibility this planner allows—and the monthly tabs help keep me organized and efficient. You can’t go wrong with our Year Task Planner!”




Grace, Assistant Account Manager


Grace's Pick—Year Task Planner

“I didn’t know I was a planner person until I found the Year Task Planner. I’ve always been fond of organizing spaces but never knew it could be so easy and enjoyable until I started using this planner a year ago. This format is the best of all worlds, offering a variety of layouts that help me tackle my goals one day, week, or month at a time with enough space to let my ideas and to-dos breathe all in one place.”


Those of us who have never used a paper planner before joining the team inevitably come around to the benefits of this analog tool: physically writing things down commits them to memory in a way that online note-taking never will. The simple to-do list at-a-glance on your desktop can help you prioritize what matters and stay on task. And getting a big-picture look at the week ahead provides clarity and confidence (without all the distractions of a shared google calendar). Take a cue from the planner experts and pick up this essential productivity tool to accomplish your best work yet.


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