Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week With the Appointed Team

It's Teacher Appreciation Week,

and today, we're directing the spotlight on the teachers who have touched our lives. At Appointed, we get the chance to talk to educators all the time—after all, teachers and students are the perfect candidates for our productivity and organization tools, and have been some of our most loyal customers from the very beginning. As a thank you to those doing the necessary work of educating the next generation, we asked our team to reflect on the teachers that have touched their lives, ignited their curiosity, and passed on lessons they carry with them to this day.




Sarah, Assistant Manager, Product Planning


“My high school art teacher (and soccer coach), Mr. Hansen, instilled in me a persistent work ethic and a zeal for learning. He gently pushed me out of my comfort zone to reach for excellence and taught me that the struggle of hard work is worth the satisfaction of achieving something you never envisioned that you could, and that even challenges can be filled with excitement and fun. In his classroom, no idea was a bad idea and everything was worth exploring!”




Jamie, Jr. Graphic Designer


“My high school art teacher, Mr. Gritzmacher, helped me develop my passion for art and design. After taking every art class that was offered at my school, he worked with me to create an individualized photography class where I could continue to explore my creativity. This ended up leading me to design school and working in the creative field!”




Courtney, Community & Customer Relations Coordinator


"My mom, Ms. Poos, is the teacher I appreciate most. Although I wasn’t ever directly her student, I’ve had many opportunities to observe and always leave impressed. She cares fiercely for her students, goes above and beyond to meet every need, and genuinely enjoys teaching. Looking back at my childhood, I’m especially blown away at her ability to engage with a full classroom and then come home to four kids each day. Teachers are the best! P.S. Hi mom 👋"




Hunter, Associate Brand Director


"My middle school language arts teacher, Ms. Verity, sparked my love of reading and storytelling—from challenging classic literature reads to light-hearted, young adult fiction, to interesting history books. I have fond memories of going to her community bookshelf and sifting through the titles for my next read (even skipping school to finish a book one day, sorry Ms. Verity 😂). To this day, I credit her for fostering my love of a good, encapsulating story."




Kaitlin, Assistant Manager, E-commerce Marketing


“My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Bethurum, ignited my curiosity and critical thinking through immersive biology lessons that brought me outside and hands-on with the word around me. The care and resect with which she approached her students also instilled a sense of community responsibility and empathy that I carry with me to this day.”




Jackie, Sr. Manager, Direct-to-Consumer


“My 6th grade teacher, Mr. Cicoria, was the best teacher I’ve ever had. He encouraged creativity, collaboration, and kindness in the classroom—all things I’ve been able to apply to life outside of school. Whether is was playing kickball at recess, rehearsing our year end play, or just reading aloud in class, he was able to make every day fun, exciting, and different, and I always looked forward to going to school.”


In the spirit of teacher appreciation, we now offer a student and educator discount program—Appointed EDU. Enrollees save on study essentials both online and at our flagship store with 15% off every order when you check out with your .edu email address.  



Are you an educator or student without a .edu email address? Not to worry—we're here to help. Send us an email at and we'll be happy to assist.

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