Easy Storage Solutions for a Better Organized Workspace

We believe that an optimized, organized workspace is key to a clearer mind. Whether you have a dedicated home office or in-person co-working space, a narrow desk in your bedroom, or are getting it done at the kitchen table, decluttering and organizing not only improves your efficiency, but can reduce stress & increase focus. Take some time to rethink your current storage system with our favorite tips for keeping things neat.


1. Prioritize space on your desktop

We know that creative work can get messy sometimes. No matter the size of your desktop, ensuring over half of it is completely clear of clutter means you’ll have the space to spread out in times of deep focus.

2. Storage within reach

Consider adding a small under-desk drawer system or rolling cart for stashing your everyday tools. This way they’re out of sight but easily accessible. Bonus points for adding in-drawer modular dividers to keep things tidy.

3. Utilize vertical space

A few space savers we love? narrow bookshelves, classic pegboards, modular wall-mounted shelves. Not every item needs to live in a drawer or on the desktop, so think outside the box and maximize what you have.

4. Corral your cords

Keep wires & cords tidy with a cable box or wire clips—these handy tools clamp to the back of your desk to keep wires in place and out of sight.

5. Desktop storage

Consider a desk tray, toolkit, or pen cup on your desktop to group items together. This gives your desktop a sense of intentionality and visually groups items for a calmer space.


Product Highlight—Storage Box Set

The ideal workspace? Everything in its place—and our Storage Box Set is here to help. Kickstart your organization with heavyweight kraft boxes that are perfect for safely storing photos, office supplies, keepsakes, or important documents. Gold foil details and classic textured neutrals add a touch of elegance to your home office. Stack on your desktop or a bookshelf for a practical yet beautiful storage solution.

Appointed Storage Box sets open against a dark gray background

the appointed storage box set is open on a light beige background with pencils aside.

Looking for more? The tips and tricks continue in our brand-new Workspace Guide, a portable handbook featuring essays and how-tos that help you take the stress out of decluttering, upgrade your storage and organization, and so much more—free with every Workspace Collection purchase.

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