How To Accessorize Your Planner

Just like putting together the perfect outfit, finding the right accessories for your planner can make all the difference. Accessorizing can also make your planner work for your specific lifestyle. 

Maybe you’re a color-coordinator with a complex system of pens and highlighters, or you’re into a minimal schedule with plenty of notes and miscellanous to-dos. Whatever your planning style, we’ve put together our favorite accessories for making the most of your plans. Read on for fan-favorite writing tools, clever add-ons, and perfectly-paired extras.


Wonderful Writing Tools

(1—Mark'Style Ballpoint Pen; 2—Mildliner Highlighter; 3—Classic No. 2 Pencil)

A match made in heaven? Pen and paper. A smudge-free ballpoint pen offers the smoothest writing performance without any bleedthrough on our 70# paper. Even if you’re not a pencil-person, consider adding a classic no. 2 to your collection for still-in-the works plans—keeping things neat and tidy even as things change. Finally, double-ended highlighters can help you color-coordinate for ultra-organized scheduling. (Learn more about color-coding in our How to Organize with Color blog post.)


Attachable Add-Ons

(1—Brass Page Markers; 2—Paper Tape; 3—Adhesive Notes)

Each of our best-selling planner formats provides plenty of room for recording the necessary tasks and notes that arise from week to week. If you find yourself in need of a little more customization, consider thoughtfully-designed add-ons for every page: mark your place with sleek & minimal brass page markers that make flipping to today's page a breeze, and customize your to-do lists with adhesive notes and paper tape.


Extra (Essential) Accessories

(1—Notebooks & Journals; 2—Habit Tracker; 3—Memo Pad Set)

For in-depth brainstorming, tackling New Year’s resolutions, and everything in-between, turn to essential stationery classics. Our sleek memo pad set makes jotting down ideas effortless (and looks great on your desk), while a habit tracker helps you track daily priorities and reminders over time, giving you a birds-eye view of your progress. The most essential companion for your planner? A classic notebook or workbook for long-form notes, getting creative, and so much more.


Your planner is what you make it, and with the right accessories, can unlock new potential for organization, productivity, and confidence.

P.S.—a few of our best-selling 2023 planners are still available, but they won’t be for long! Snag your favorite and become a planner-person in no time.

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