Making The Most Of The Year Task Planner

The Year Task Planner is specifically designed to take the complication out of sorting tasks, priorities, and important events. We know organizing your daily life can be daunting, so we put together some helpful tips on making the most of your Year Task Planner from day 1.


Tip 1: Think Big

Keep important dates and deadlines in one view using the monthly calendar spread. This helps you get a grasp on priorities as well as get excited about milestones, holidays, and the little things in-between. (Plus, no accidental double-booking.)

A Year Task Planner lays open to the month spread with appointments and events filled in


Tip 2: Take 5

Take 5 minutes every Monday to set your priorities for the week in the dedicated space (numbered for easy sorting). This will help you fill in your daily schedule, and keep long-term goals on track.

A Year Task Planner lies open to the weekly view, with weekly priorities filled in.


Tip 3: Add Some Color

Color coding can help to organize tasks and priorities within more complex schedules. Try starting with a color system for professional, personal, time sensitive, and long-term tasks.

A Year Task Planner lies open to the monthly view, with appointments and to-dos color coded with highlighters by type


Tip 4: Break It Down

Make your priorities more digestible by breaking them into tasks. Organizing tasks by level of importance helps keep your weekly goals both practical and achievable.

A Year Task Planner lies open to the weekly spread, with priorities, tasks, and schedule filled in


Tip 5: Write It Out

It's proven that writing things down by hand helps with memory recall—and the Year Task Planner is a great place to start.


Do you have a Year Task Planner method that helps you stay organized? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our Planners Collection to pick up your 2022 Year Task Planner and discover brand new formats, limited edition colors, and more.


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