Materials, Process, & Packaging: How Appointed Created a More Sustainable Notebook

It’s Earth Week...

and to celebrate, we’re highlighting the materials, process, and packaging that make our notebook friendlier to the planet. As a paper company, we take our environmental impact seriously. We’ve prioritized more sustainable materials and production practices since the beginning, and have taken strides to extend that care further to our packaging and more. Today we’re walking through what separates the Appointed Notebook from the rest and how to care for and repair your products to extend their life. Let’s get to it.


Materials Matter

Creating a product that utilizes natural resources has meant that diving into the world of paper mills, supply chain sourcing, and production practices is part of the job. From the beginning, we sought to create a notebook that is not only beautiful and functional, but manufactured with American-made materials that are kinder to our planet.

Our Paper
  • Produced in a U.S. paper mill that prioritizes sustainability.
  • 100% compliant with boiler MACT standards—meaning reduced emissions of harmful air pollutants.
  • Made with 2/3 renewable energy, 66% of which is made on-site with renewable biomass from wood waste, and zero-emission hydroelectric via the local river.
  • Acid and chlorine-free—meaning its friendlier to our waterways.
Our Bookcloth
  • American-made for lessened shipping impact and compliant with the latest EPA standards and guidelines.
  • Meets or exceeds the manufacturing standards and specifications established by industry leaders such as the Book Manufacturing Institute.
  • The majority of our bookcloth is completely biodegradable and constructed from 100% cotton, meaning it's completely odor-free and pH neutral.


A side-by-side image shows Appointed bookcloth square swatches in varying colors on the left, and three stacked open notebooks with brass wire-o binding that display the interior lined, grid, and blank options.


Thoughtful Packaging

In 2021, we completely overhauled our packing materials by switching to 100% curbside recyclable options. Though the wire-o binding found on our notebook is sturdy, packing your order securely so that it stays in perfect condition through the shipping process is a top priority for us. Our fulfillment team tried and tested many plastic alternatives before landing on a honeycomb-style recycled paper padding, which you’ll see wrapped around all of our products from metal toolkits to office notepads. This switch, along with sourcing other renewable and biodegradable materials and almost entirely eliminating single-use plastic from our packaging are among the steps we've taken to ensure Appointed products are a more sustainable choice.


The Impact of American-Made

Our choice to make all of our products in the U.S.A. (that includes material sourcing) has an unexpected impact on our carbon footprint—that is decreased CO2 emissions when raw materials are not shipping worldwide, but rather transported a shorter distance. The local focus doesn’t stop there—we prioritize D.C.-based manufacturers where we can, including a manufacturer just down the road and a local family-run tote bag company for our fan-favorite planner collection gift with purchase.

“Being American-made requires us to be thoughtful and purposeful of how and where we source our materials. Sourcing in the U.S. and locally where possible helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Suann Song, Founder + CEO


A side-by-side image shows hands pressing Appointed-branded packing tape onto a cardboard box stacked atop other boxes. The opposite image shows hands foil-stamping a chambray blue notebook.


Care, Repair, and Recycling

Our aim is simple: to create products you'll use well and hold on to. We also know that for so many, a notebook is an everyday tool that you inevitably fill up and need to replace. Whether you’re the type that likes to keep an archive of finished notebooks so you can look back on your plans, brainstorms, or everyday to-do lists, or you’re a minimalist who wants to recycle and move on, we’ve got a list of tips and suggestions for making the most of it.

Care & Repair: Our bookcloth covers are made with a water-resistant coating, so they hold up extremely well through normal wear and tear. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth and let dry before storing. If wire-o binding gets bent out of shape, simply bend it back into place.

Recycling: Our Notebooks (and other mid-weight wire-o bound products) are easy to recycle by simply tossing in with your paper recycling. As for the wire-o binding, however, check with your county’s recycling rules—some places allow you to leave the metal coil intact on the notebook, while others request that you remove the coil and recycle it with other household metals.


We aim to lessen our environmental impact through sustainable production and sourcing—for a product you can be proud of. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to stay up to date with all things sustainability at Appointed.

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