Q&A: Making The Most Of Our Notebooks

For the first post in our Q&A series, we're sharing our favorite tips & tricks for making the most of our classic Notebooks. Read on to discover why our interiors are intentionally designed with one-sided pages, how to optimize your Notebook for personalization & creativity, and our favorite accessories to design your ultimate organizational tool.

Q: I love the feel and quality of your Notebooks! However, I'm curious as to why the lined & grid interiors are only printed one one side of the page. Is the intention to leave this blank? Or is there another reason the Notebook was designed this way?

The Notebook is our flagship product—designed, prototyped, and tested for the perfect everyday writing companion. Early on in the design process, we settled on one-sided interiors for good reason—a blank page in each spread allows the user to maximize creativity & productivity.

Whether free-form list-making, big-picture brainstorming, or sketching out your ideas, this space is yours to personalize. Looking for inspiration? We've put together three strategies & corresponding tools to make the most of your Notebook:

Stamps and Tape

For a bullet planning approach, try utilizing a combination of our planning stamps and paper tape to build out a custom weekly layout on each spread (this technique is perfect for our grid interior Notebooks).



A notebook lies open on a wood desk with stamps, paper taper, and other stationery accessories laid across.

Visual Mapping

If you're a visual person, having more than just the margins for doodling during meetings is important—we suggest letting your creativity loose with a whole page.



A notebook lies open to show hand-drawn lists & charts with various writing utensils alongside.

Reminders & Priorities

During meetings, mid-brainstorm, and beyond—sticking our Task Adhesives on the blank side & pairing with a mildliner (or two) helps to call out priorities and set urgent reminders at a glance.



A notebook lies open on a wood desktop to show to do lists organized with adhesive notes and writing accessories alongside

Ready to design your dream notebook? Let us know your favorite Notebook interior and your go-to accessories for making it your own in the comments below. Happy planning!

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