Why Creating a Thoughtful Workspace Matters—A Letter From Our Founder

Wherever your workspace may be—a desk in your bedroom, a traditional office, or a temporary space at a coffee shop—your work area and the tools you surround yourself with have an outsized impact on your creativity, productivity, and more. We believe a thoughtful set-up and the right tools can not only optimize your time, but also improve your overall well-being. 

Our newest release, The Workspace Collection, features the first of many tools for your workspace. A classic neutral color palette lends versatility to your space, while materials like powder coated steel and polished solid brass bring an element of timelessness. This collection includes redesigned and reimagined favorites including a perfectly-sized 8” Brass Ruler, Document Folios to manage important paperwork, and Storage Boxes that keep your workspace tidy and organized. Newest to our product line-up is a powder coated aluminum Writing Clipboard—perfect for keeping documents in place and readily available for note-taking. 


The Writing clipboard with Dot Grid Pad sits on a beige background. Other accessoreis are strewn about, including scissors, paper clips, envelopes, and a brass sharpenerThe Writing Clipboard and Dot Grid Pad—brand new formats from the Workspace Collection.


Every purchase of a Workspace Collection product includes a complimentary Workspace Guide. Our team and I developed this portable companion guide to provide easy-to-use resources that maximize your organization and inspire clarity of mind. Featuring essays and how-tos to help take the stress out of decluttering, tips for upgrading your storage and organization, wise words to inspire your next office refresh, and much more.

‟Organization isn’t about perfection—instead, think about it as a regular act of making your workspace efficient. It’s about making time and mental space for what matters most.” 
—A note from The Workspace Guide

For so many of us, the past few years have changed how we think about our workspace. As we adjust to work-from-home and hybrid schedules, it’s clear that the idea of a traditional workspace is changing. Through it all, we’ve found that the tools you surround yourself with are just as important (if not even more) as before to your daily productivity and inspiration. Our intention with this new category of products is to bring beautiful, American-made solutions to our customer’s everyday life—so you can accomplish your best work yet.

Suann Song, Founder + CEO

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