Spring Cleaning Tips: From Clutter To Clean in Under 30 Minutes

At Appointed, we believe in the power of your environment to influence productivity, focus, and creativity.

In fact, this idea is a driving factor in our product development, workplace ethos, and brand philosophy. If you’ve been meaning to make a change in your office or work-from-home setup, what better time than the first official week of spring? Kick-start the season with our favorite tips & tricks for easy tidying that you can get done in under 30 minutes (and get ready to enjoy that fresh space feeling).

 An Appointed To Do Pad with charcoal bookcloth binding and gold foil details sits against a gray back ground with a natural no. 2 pencil with gold cap sitting next to it. There is a to-do list scrawled in pencil on the pad and you can see the remnants of previous torn pages


Step 1: Declutter Your Desktop

Take inventory of your everyday items—your trusted No. 2 Pencil, To Do Pad, Notebook, etc.—and find a new home for everything else. Keeping your desktop free of any infrequently-used items, scraps of paper, and knickknacks will help you start each day with a clearer mind so you can quickly dive in to deeper focus. If you still find things a bit too cluttered, try a desktop tray or pen cup to corral like items together.

What to do with all the extras? We’ve got some exciting new releases on the way to help with that 😉. Sign up for Appointed Rewards to stay up to date with all things Appointed, earn points while you shop, and get early access to new collections.


Step 2: Wipe Down Surfaces

Take a closer look at your high-touch areas (computer included) and you may be surprised to see how we can neglect our essential everyday items over time. Dust your computer screen with a microfiber cloth, spray and wipe down desk surfaces to take care of runaway snack crumbs and coffee splashes, and take an alcohol pad to your keyboard and mouse. Enjoy how a 5-minute clean can completely refresh your workspace.


Step 3: Symbolize a Fresh Start

Finishing up your quick spring cleaning with a fresh set of paper goods will get you in the right headspace to tackle the season to come (and maybe even inspire more organizational projects). This might be your sign to order that new Notebook or Desktop Pad you’ve been eyeing.

Still looking for the right tools to enhance your everyday? Explore our Desktop Collection for functional yet beautiful products to get you started on the right side of the desk.



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