From the Desk Of: Dorothy, Our Business-to-Business Manager

In this edition of the From the Desk Of series, we're taking a look at another team member's Appointed essentials, and how they keep her on track as a working mom. Meet Dorothy, our Business-to-Business Manager. Read on for the everyday products she can't live without—from the perfect planner to a classic workbook.


 A Flexible Philosophy

"My day-to-day is filled with work meetings, deadlines, and daily to-dos, while also juggling school functions for my two older kids, soccer practices, and lunch prep. To maintain as much order and structure in the day as possible, I rely on planners and compact items that will travel easily—from home, to the studio, to the playground.

"I rely on planners and compact items that will travel easily—from home, to the studio, to the playground."


Day-To-Day Organization

Most of my work days start with clearing emails, creating my daily to-dos, and mapping out the meetings I need to prep for. During those same work days, I might also have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for my youngest or be on call to pick up my kids from school. Because work and family plans exist within the same day, I use one planner for both—the Compact Task Planner.

I've used the Year Task Planner for years, and this version is so compact and easy to throw into my bag. It helps me plan out my priorities and tasks for work each week, while utilizing the monthly calendar to jot down any personal plans and reminders. Though this compact version is only available in the calendar year format, our Year Task Planner is always a classic option.


Personal Time For Mom

Once my kids go to sleep, I have about a three to four hour window dedicated to myself. During this time, I love opening up my Workbook. This product has been essential for my mental health, because I love to word doodle. I journal about my day, draw whatever comes to mind, write goals for the next month or year, make graphs of my finances—I need to put pen to paper. Physically writing things down gives me a sense of comfort because it allows me to be creative.

With that creativity comes writing tools. My Mareku Pen Case is probably one of my most intimate possessions, holidng my very specific and perfected collection. My most loved pen right now is the Mark'style Ballpoint Pen because it can handle my smaller handwriting, and the Le Pen in Wisteria for a pop of color."


From desktop go-tos to favorite essential writing tools, Dorothy's on-the-go favorites are a great example of how the right tools can make even the busiest schedules manageable. Here's to the moms getting it done.

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